• DO NOT collect information about political, religious or other beliefs of people about their private lives.
  • DO NOT engaged listening of telephone or other conversations.
  • DOES NOT occupy the phone or the like printouts. 


  • comply with the laws and conditions of the contract;
  • maintain the confidentiality of information made known to them in the normal course of business, not to use it for their own purposes and not to transfer it to third parties;
  • promptly report to law enforcement agencies of detected cases of crime, the crime scene to detain persons who committed, and immediately transmit them to the competent authorities;
  • Take immediate action to save lives, to assist them in the protection of the property, which is in danger, and other emergencies.


  • provide on a contractual basis in accordance with the laws of detective and security services;
  • in the prescribed manner to receive information and copies of documents from physical and legal persons with their consent;
  • if necessary to examine the participation and consent of the owner (or his representative) belonging to his territory, building, premises, property;
  • request with the consent of the client on matters requiring special knowledge of professional judgment;
  • identify the causes and conditions that contribute to the commission of crimes and to take measures within its competence to eliminate them.

According to the Law number 283 of 2003, the private detective has the right to use physical force, to carry, store, use and apply special means and firearms.

Physical force and special means are applied:

  • а) for reflection of direct attack on people, including employees of the private detective and security organizations;
  • b) for detention of the person overtaken at commission of crime against life, health or property of people and trying to disappear.

The firearms are used:

  • а) for protection of people against the attack dangerous to their life and health;
  • b) for attack reflection on the detective in case егожизнь and health are endangered, and also for suppression of attempt of a taking by their weapon;
  • с) for detention of the person showing armed resistance;
  • d) for reflection group or armed attack on premises of the public and private institutions, on places of storage of material values if life or health of the persons which are in them or near them are endangered;
  • е) for the prevention (a shot in air) about intention to use the weapon, and also for giving of an alarm signal or a help call.